The ultimate guide to CSR Racing 2

The ultimate guide to CSR Racing 2

In this practical csr2 guide blog we present you the best tips, tricks and cheats for the racing game CSR Racing 2. CSR2 is a racing game available for Android and iOS that scores points with beautiful graphics and many tuning options.

CSR Racing 2 Driving Tips

In order to master competitions in CSR Racing 2, it takes some practice. These tips will make it easier for you to cross the finish line first. However, if it does not work out even after several attempts, do not be discouraged and start by devoting yourself to other events to improve your car. Not all races in CSR Racing can be done immediately.

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csr2 tips and tricks

  • The start of every race in CSR Racing is crucial. To make a perfect start, you can push the throttle through and release it at the right moment. However, this moment varies from vehicle to vehicle mostly between the countdown displays “1” and “2”. Each player has his own technique here. Experiment a little.
  • When switching, do not pay attention to the tachometer. Focus completely on the points next to the tachometer and turn up as soon as the green dot lights up.
  • The perfect time to activate the Nitro depends on your vehicle. We recommend activating the boost in third gear. If you activate this earlier, your boost will be lost in switching between the low gears. If you activate the boost later, you can not fully extend it to the finish line.

So you should tune CSR racing cars

Without fussing your car, you will not be able to continue in CSR Racing very early in the game. With these tricks you get a car quite fast, with which you also show your taillights to the boss opponents.

  • Concentrate on expanding the Nitro system in the long run while tuning. A well-developed Nitro system gives you an extreme boost for a short time. However, tire tuning must not be neglected here, otherwise your vehicle will not be able to transfer the boost to the road. The tires then turn.
  • If you just do not want to keep going in a race but do not want to spend too much of your time on the expensive Nitro system, you can also tune the other features to make it happen quickly.

CSR Racing 2: These tricks keep your wallet full

In CSR2 you can spend a lot of money. Unless you want to invest real money in the virtual gold coins of the game, skillful business is required.

  • Invest in vehicle stickers as early as possible. These sponsored stickers, which you can add under “Appearance“> “Paint shop“, each earn a different amount of money per victory. Depending on the sticker purchased, so that the sticker has usually paid off after four to five wins.
  • In any case, when you buy a new vehicle, wait for a special offer from your agent. So you save 70% on purchase. These offers usually take place every two to three tank fillings.
  • Participate daily in the daily races. This will make it easy for you to raise money as you increase the prize money for each day you play.

Are there any cheats for CSR Racing?

With all the expensive cars and the few available funds, the question of cheats comes up. There are some rumors and videos circulating about alleged cheats on the net. But which ones work?

  • The only real “cheat” we can confirm is based on introducing the system time of your device to fool the game into a later time. This replenishes your tank and allows for an uninterrupted gaming experience. Likewise, you can already play the day’s races of the next few days and increase the bonus rates without having to wait.
  • We strongly advise against using any cheats featured on the net for free gold or anything like that. Besides being mostly fake or malware, using such cheats is simply not allowed. CSR Racing finances itself through in-app purchases, so the use of such cheats causes the business an economic loss.
  • However, if you ever run out of gold or gas, you can stock up in a completely legal and straightforward way by linking CSR Racing 2 to your Facebook account or by looking at the options in an advertising clip. CSR Racing offers several options here.

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