csr2 tips and tricks

csr2 tips and tricks

Today we will discuss everything about CSR2 Tips & Tricks, including some cheats. Let’s go. These cheats will give you some tips on what to do and how to get through the game faster than you normally can.

how to get free fusion parts on csr2

The main thing I want you to carry on is the rare imports down the left and that will help you a lot. Especially to get Fusion parts and also how to get stage 6 parts in csr2 for free and as you can see on the top left, it means free in 2 hours.

Every 4 hours you get a free role. I’ve got level 6 upgrades for both free and fusion parts, so this is definitely something you can do every 4 hours, if you can put a timer on your phone for every 4 hours, it will definitely help you.

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Because Fusion Parts play a big part in this game, especially when you go to Teir 3 and Tier 4 and Tier 5 games later on. Make sure you pay attention.

csr2 joining a crew

One of the other things you want to do is that you want to be able to join a crew. If you join the crew, it will not only benefit you and maybe get you different tunes, but it will also help you in a way that you can get extra money.

And you can also go through the game a little faster by getting extra gold coins from csr2 tips and your crew that can do other things. So make sure you keep an eye on them, as that will prove useful as part of a crew.

csr racing 2 tips

Now the next thing you want to check out is that you are not limited to 6 cars. You are actually limited to more than 6 cars and the way you drive through your cars is on the right side, you will see them in circles.

Go ahead and push that and that will show you your garages. For example, this is my garage with some of my cars. My garage 2 with some of my cars and then my garage 3, which is just starting with level 5 vehicles.

Make sure you keep that in mind. Another thing you can do is that if you have a car that wants to shut down fusions Or go ahead and buy two of those cars and you can actually go ahead and pull it off and as you can see here, it will say “Are you sure you want to take the car off,” it costs you some money.

But you’ll be able to get Fusion parts for the car if you really need some fusions for your car. Make sure you buy an extra car and deduct it. It will definitely help, do not do it to the Tier 5 cars because they cost a lot of money.get more fusion parts from csr2 tips.

csr2 competition

Another thing you want to watch out for is such competitions. This will give you free gold coins by simply completing them.

And also, for example, these types of cups, remember, it might require that you have a particular manufacturer or a specific upgrade or even a specific color. So make sure you check the checklist and the rewards, because some of them are really good ways to get even fusions and gold coins.

Even silver keys and silver keys will come in handy, especially if you want to buy higher quality cars and do not want to spend gold coins or buy gold coins. You will be able to go into rare imports and as you can see, you will be able to get silver keys that will definitely help you gain a chance to win one of the rare cars.

Another thing, if playing this game a lot, make sure that you check this, and you will actually want to check it under your profile so under the little picture of a human head and shoulders. So you should look for something, because when you are on the table, you will definitely get some stuff to be on this list.

I am currently # 52 and it says from 4 to 10 to 250 Bronze Keys from Second and Third 35 silver keys and first you get 65 silver keys. Make sure that you are looking for something right now.

Another thing to keep an eye on is on the right is an eye and this will only show you the information that I used to talk about how to strip.

csr racing 2 sell car

How do I sell your car? I would really like to propose to sell your car or would suggest stripping the car because it will be much better.

As I said earlier, with csr2 tips you can get fusion parts by disassembling your car and you can also go into inventory and in inventory you will show off your fusion parts. And it will also show you your Stage 6 upgrades that you may have available.

We’ll go into customizing your car because I know there are always a lot of questions about how I can customize my car and how this can be done here is, for example, you can adjust the color you want your car to be ,

You will see here what you can do with it, and then you can go to the library here and from here I go in materials. From materials, I’ll go ahead and choose this steel polish and you can change it. We go further and go into the main part of the game. Who will buy a car? learn how you can sell your car using csr2 tips.

Which is on the bottom of the left side. It gives you all levels, Tier 1, 2, 3, Tier 4 and Tier 5 and it shows you all the manufacturers. If you do not want to see the level and you have a manufacturer you like, let’s say Scion for Level 1 for some reason. It shows you the crucial cars that are available. It will show you all available galleries and if you click through them, it will show you that they are available.

csr2 live race

There are also live races and here you can compete against other people. As you can see, you will be able to challenge people, and you will also be able to wait for them to challenge you. You can get silver keys and bronze keys so that there on the bottom of the screen can see 0, 3, 5, 7, and 9, so if you arrive in one of those, if you notice I’ll also get extra keys can. So make sure to keep that in mind.

The next thing I want to show you is Crew Battles. Well, with this one for team fights, you think that you can defeat the boss and if you defeat the boss, he’ll offer you to drive him for his car or a better car going into the next league. I would suggest you wait until your car is fully maxed out on upgrades. And it’s fine, too, if you beat the boss, it’ll definitely help you with some of those group battles.

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