CSR Racing app review

CSR Racing app review

CSR Racing is a racing game from NaturalMotion, which is available for iOS & Android . In the multiplayer game, there are several game modes in which you can compete against either your friends or international players. Among other things, your cars can tune and buy coins with coins new vehicles.

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Meanwhile, our smartphones create quite a bit of performance and this also uses this game: With the usual good graphics you heat through the various racetracks. First and foremost, it is important to find your way around the menus and to reach Level 3. From then on you have all the features and you can compete with international players.

Although the game is financed by in-app purchases, some achievements and cars can be cleared for free with a little effort. Above all, you get this, in which you drive against “the world”. Here you compete with international players. The winner creams off prizes and respect points.

CSR Racing offers licensed cars

In “CSR Racing” you not only get fantasy cars served, but there are also some licenses: sometimes you can bring vehicles from Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Ford, General Motors, Mini and Nissan to their limits.

The individuality of the game is provided by various adjustments that you can make to your car: Among other things, you can create your own license plates, your own stickers or paintwork, so you stand out from the crowd.

CSR Racing: The game modes

Driving with friends:

Defeat your friends in multiplayer mode! In this game mode, you can show friends what’s in you. Did you tune your car correctly? In this mode you will experience it. If you are high on the leaderboard, a new car beckons for you.

Compete against the world:

From level 3, this mode is available to you. On different slopes, it is important to enforce and earn respect points. The winners waving various stickers and dream cars.

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