CSR Racing 2 Review

CSR Racing 2 Review

CSR Racing 2 – Android App was last updated on 17.09.2019 and is available for download here in version 2.7.0.

In the free Android game “CSR Racing 2” drive fast drag racing with stunning graphics.

The free acceleration racing game “CSR Racing 2” for Android is remarkable for its advanced graphics. This is not far from the level of the current game consoles.


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10 CSR Racing 2 Tips You Need to Know

The ultimate guide to CSR Racing 2


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CSR Racing 2: Free racing game for Android with hammer graphics

In the game you will then have 50 different licensed cars available from well-known manufacturers, such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bugatti and Koenigsegg.

Their cars tune both visually and technically and get the maximum performance out of them. Under the Moto hood, for example, you can screw on the transmission ratio and timing of the Nitro, while trying out new paintwork, rims and even interior trim.

Playful, “CSR Racing 2” is all about touching the screen of the smartphone at the right time to switch and configure the car perfectly before the race. Her skill in maneuvering the car is unfortunately not in demand. These drag races are especially exciting in multiplayer against other human racers.

Expensive in-app purchases are available, so parents should pay close attention to what the kids are doing in the play store.


“CSR Racing 2” offers exciting races with a groundbreaking graphics that almost matches the level of the consoles.

Note: This application requires Android OS 4.3 or higher. The download button will turn you into the Google Play Store which you can use to install the software.

CSR Racing – Tips

CSR Racing is once again one of the free apps, which begins to annoy because of their rather obtrusive purchase obligation of gold after one week at the latest. For each race one (boss race even 2) of the 10 maximum tank fillings is used up. They regenerate after 8 minutes, so you can calculate 8-9 races before you have to wait another hour and longer. But that does not seem to bother many. In addition to the placement in the top downloads, the app is also very strong sales. That’s why we continued to play the following tips and tricks for CSR Racing.

CSR Racing Tips : Choosing the Right Car and Tuning

Which car should you buy at the beginning of the game? This question is relatively simple, since the first wagons are relatively equal in properties. Later in the game, the question is more interesting. But in both situations you can rather go after the eye. The developers have made CSR Racing so that it does not depend on choosing the right cars , but the tuning and the right timing. Cars can not be sold again and there would be a mistake probably too serious to make it crucial game.

Who improves the tuning of the cars must note that it then has other properties and you have to accelerate and switch gears. Performance, transmission to the road via the transmission, weight and traction are the factors to consider. Do not worry, that’s how complex tuning is at CSR Racing not . Bottleneck factor is your money, the dollar.

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