10 CSR Racing 2 Tips You Need to Know

10 CSR Racing 2 Tips You Need to Know

CSR 2 for iOS and Android already has a few rounds under its belt. But even today it is still very popular. Are you a newcomer? With our csr2 10 tips, you’ll race first!

The right vehicles

Sure, we have our favorite brands, which we always liked to drive let alone possess. However, you should not be tempted by this. Decide yourself especially at the beginning of your career for the vehicles with the biggest chances of victory . Which these are, this list of the best cars of all classes tells you .


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Get up to speed

At the start, it is all about the right speed range. Keep the engine in the green area to get it going. The more power your car has, the smaller this area is usually. On the other hand, if you give gas only at the start, you lose valuable time and thus many meters on your opponent. If you give too much gas, turn the tires through. It’s a good show, but it’s anything but fast!

Timing is everything

In addition to a good vehicle, CSR 2 is all about getting the timing right. The better you score in the race, the better your chances of winning. Therefore: full concentration at every race and always keep an eye on the tachometer . If he is in the green, it means the next gear to pop into it.

Do not lose grip

A good grip is the alpha and o to get off the spot quickly. Therefore do not forget to improve the tires . This is especially true if you have the Nitro in use. Otherwise you give away a lot of additional power due to spinning tires. Your opponents will be happy …


You can adjust the properties of Nitro, final gear ratio and tire pressure manually, assuming that you have the appropriate level of refinement. Play around with the values ​​and see how it affects performance during a test drive. That way, you’ll get more out of your car without spending money on tuning.

Variation for the triumph

Even though it’s all about acceleration races, CSR 2 offers many different events and modes . Vary between them, as the respective achievements bring you different rewards. This is how you earn as much cash as possible and progress in the game.

Your own crew

Either choose an existing crew or – better yet – start a new one with friends and other players. This brings you many different benefits and bonuses that you should not miss. Among other things, you will get a crew bonus for each race and lucrative rewards for crew events depending on your performance.

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